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Thank You!小小念恩行動 傳遞大大感恩祝福 卡傳@UCR

BWI’s “Thank You” card event sends an inspiring message of gratitude to the world


The only objective on behalf of Bliss and Wisdom?
“To let people express their gratitude to those they love … and to encourage happiness through gratitude by doing small things like these,” shared Mike Shih, an advisor for BWI at UCR.


美國加州大學河濱分校 (UCR)福青社的指導老師Mike Shih分享:「讓大家對愛的人表達感恩…以小小行動體驗念恩所帶來的快樂。」

CARD 01001

Maggie Lee, president of Bliss and Wisdom International, helps students write “Thank You” cards to friends, family and loved ones. Jimmy Lai/HIGHLANDER

美國福青社社長Maggie Lee鼓勵同學們寫感恩卡送給家人、朋友以及所愛的人。

Every Wednesday, UCR students are accustomed to seeing numerous student organizations host stands near the Bell Tower to promote their own causes. It’s usually the same ordeal every week — club officers or volunteers wait to be talked to or stand up to hold signs and shout catchy slogans, then students approach them and hopefully walk away with a better understanding of the organization.


On Wednesday, Nov. 16, however, something extraordinary was going on.


Not only was Bliss and Wisdom International (BWI) tabling for a reason besides solely informing students about their cause (or at least, that was not the main reason, for some students were still curious about it), but they were also going out of their way to provide a range of different cards, colored markers, cute stickers, ribbons and other decorations for students to write their own “Thank You” cards to friends, family members and anyone else they wished to address. They even handed out free, organic and vegan snacks for anyone working on a card or walking by to indulge in before heading back to class or continuing on with their busy day.


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All of it was free, including the mailing (which BWI generously decided to pay for entirely), and open for all students to participate in, with the coordinators even allowing people to write more than one card. The only objective on behalf of Bliss and Wisdom?


“To let people express their gratitude to those they love … and to encourage happiness through gratitude by doing small things like these,” shared Mike Shih, an advisor for BWI at UCR.

美國加州大學河濱分校(UCR)的福青社指導老師Mike Shih說:「讓大家對愛的人表達感恩 … 鼓勵大家以小小念恩行動體驗它帶來的幸福。」

Bliss and Wisdom International was founded in 1992 by Late Venerable Master Ri Chang, a Buddhist monk from Taiwan who believed that the only way we can heal a world corrupt with violence and cruelty is to cultivate a kind-hearted community. He believed in doing so by educating community members on topics such as health and the environment and engaging them in various cultural activities.


CARD 01002

One of the activities that BWI promotes every year is the Mother’s Day Card Event, which accepts card designs from students around the globe and are distributed to multiple campuses that have BWI on their campus.


According to Shih, the Mother’s Day Card Event spread such a good-hearted message and has been a success since the club opened at UCR eight years ago that the club decided to expand the event to Thanksgiving week as well.


Maggie Lee, president of UCR’s BWI, stated that most of the letters that she has noticed have been sent to parents as well as grandparents, and when observing the reactions of the card-writers, she realized, “We are spreading positivity and happiness to our fellow students by doing something simple like this.”

美國福青社社長Maggie Lee表示,同學的卡片幾乎都是寫給父母或爺爺奶奶,看到同學的反應讓她了解:「透過這樣簡單的舉動,我們能夠將幸福及正面的能量傳遞給學校的同學。」

Another advisor, Jessica Kuo, delightfully stated, “Everyone writing the cards are happy and full of positive energy.” When discussing the people who she thinks may have appreciated the “Thank You” card event the most, she added, “It helps those who are far from home. Their families get to know how they’re doing because we also take Polaroid pictures of them with their cards.” A Polaroid camera at that the card-making station was offered by which students could take a picture of themselves holding their card and include the instantly printed photo in their envelope.

另外一位指導老師Jessica Kuo開心地說:「每個同學寫卡片的時候感覺都很快樂,而且充滿正面能量。」當談到這個活動讓同學最感動的是什麼?Jessica補充:「有些同學離家很遠,我們除了讓同學寫卡片,也讓他們寄照片回家,這樣家人就可以知道他們過得好不好。」原來,社團還貼心地準備了一台拍立得照相機,同學只要拿著卡片站在鏡頭前喀擦一聲,照片就立刻洗出來,跟著卡片一併寄出。

One of the students leaning over the table and contently scribbling in a card was second-year computer science major Melissa Chou, who wrote to her sister who goes to school in Santa Barbara. She revealed, “I don’t get to see her that much and sending her a letter is different than emailing her.” She also mentioned that she was not sure if she would see her sister this Thanksgiving, so sending a handwritten card to her would at least let her know that she was thinking of her during the holiday season.

就讀資工系二年級的Melissa Chou坐在攤位前,滿足地寫著卡片,準備寄給在聖塔芭芭拉念書的姐妹。她說:「我們不常見面,寄卡片跟寫e-mail的感覺很不一樣。」Melissa也不確定今年的感恩節是否會見到她,因此想藉著一張手寫的卡片,讓她知道自己在感恩假期中仍然惦記著她。

Another card-writing participant, third-year psychology major Rosie Castro, who wrote a letter to her grandmother, shared, “I feel like she has always been there for me and with college always being busy, I don’t get to see her that often. A letter is more personal and grandmas are suckers for letters.”

另一名心理學系三年級的同學Rosie Castro也來攤位寫卡片,她想把卡片寄給祖母,Rosie說:「奶奶一直都在陪伴我,但我上大學之後變忙了,我們就比較少見面。親手寫的信比較有感情,而且奶奶們都愛死了親自收到信!」

Castro also held a card for her sister, who she said is in college as well and also really busy. “This is a nice gift for her with college being so stressful,” she stated.


Commenting on the letters and their impact altogether, Castro reflected, “I’m excited to see how my grandma and sister react. People don’t send cards very often.”


Until 3 p.m. on Wednesday and again on Thursday, Nov. 17, BWI accumulated dozens of smiles on behalf of students who walked away from the stand with a freshly written letter in their hands or turned into one of the BWI officers to be mailed, knowing they had expressed their gratitude in some way. “It gives a nice feeling on both sides, not only to those receiving the letters but those writing them as well,” voiced Lee. By allowing students to send messages of appreciation to loved ones both near and far, BWI also sent a message — one that was addressed to the world, stating that all it takes is one letter of thanks to someone else in order to greatly acknowledge the amazing blessings we have in our lives.


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oversea 01

越南博士 感動憶師恩

今年雲科梯大專營輔導組有一個全英文的組別,成員是來自越南、印度、薩爾瓦多......等十一個國家的國際學生。Le Thanh Long 李昇隆,今年自中央大學機械工程系博士班畢業,他即是來自越南。




目前就讀臺灣科技大學的Avidarmaa和Anujin 是來自蒙古的女孩。Avidarmaa在去年暑假大專營,受到許多海外組輔導員的照顧,感受到營隊中傳遞著溫暖和諧與快樂,於是開始在營隊中擔任輔導員,這是她第三次做義工。





採  訪:徐曉葳



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20160806 北醫象山組聚 1513

揹著國旗來登上夢想火箭的伙伴們,考考你們 你們認得出幾個國家?



來到台灣,當然要認識台灣啊!台灣人的熱情和善、風土人情、台灣文化,都是國際學生想要探索、認識的。當聚會結束,不免俗的要來張合照,紀錄我們的友誼。這群國際學生突然說:要學台灣人的招牌動作。究竟在老外眼裡,台灣人拍照的招牌動作是什麼呢?想到了嗎?(耶~~ 這也是你拍照的慣性動作嗎?已經揚名國際啦~)

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